For those who have asked what you can do.
We recommend you email elected officials below, then cc’ your own mayor. This link provides more email addresses.

Bullet points we recommend.

#1 The Mountain Accord process never had geographical jurisdiction to vote to include Utah County lands. The Salt Lake County line is the boundary. What grants them authority to include these lands in a Mountain Accord vote?

#2. All Utah County mayors and County Commissioners must be represented on the Mountain Accord Steering Committee and Executive Committee if Utah County lands are part of the voting July 13th-15th.

#3. Mountain Accord should vote on all the other elements in their process and withdrawn the Utah County lands until there has been Utah County representation in the Mountain Accord process.

#4. Utah County Commissioners should host an open meeting for all citizens in Utah County, mayors and other interested parties, and invite all of the Mountain Accord executive board, steering committees to Utah County for a public open meeting before any voting takes place that involve Utah County Lands. MAG should be part of this process. AFCVision should be part of this process.

#5. Snowbird should not be the one to drive the vote. Democracy and openness and integrity in the Mountain Accord process should set the timeline for voting, not a special interest group. The vote should be postponed until Utah County civic leaders have been educated and involved.

#6 Utah County elected officials are not aware that a land swap could double the size of Snowbird, could potential cost millions of dollars for infrastructure and support, and that the County Planners should ascertain how and what effect contiguous land would mean for Snowbird. Mountain Accord participants should be educated by Utah County Civic leaders how this land swap could potentially turn Mineral Basin into a ski-in, ski-out community.

#7. What would happen if Snowbird were to annex into SL County?

#8 Watershed concerns / water share concerns and how that affects our gateway communities who rely upon AF Canyon watershed for drinking water.

#9. Measures should be put in place to prevent contiguous lands from Snowbird Hidden Peak to Mineral Basin road to prevent Utah County tax payers from possibly being encumbered by development costs/ taxes.
Email the following:

Dave Whittekiend

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache Forest Service Supervisor*
*Dave is the one we understand casts the final vote / recommendation if the 416 acres of land are included in the NEPA study that follows the vote July 13th.

Utah County Commissioners:

Greg Graves

Bill Lee

Larry Ellertson


Cathy Kahlow

Mountain Accord comment

AFCVision comments
Shawn Seagar

or direct comments to



Mountainland Association of Governments 801-229-3800

Shawn Seager 801-229-3837

Buck Swaney 801-364-0525



Alpine Don Watkins 801-756-6347

American Fork JH Hadfield 801-763-3000

Cedar Fort Howard Anderson 801-768-2147 email through web page*

Cedar Hills Gary Gygi 801-785-9668

Eagle Mountain Christopher Pengra 801-789-6603

Elk Ridge Hal Shelley 801-423-2300

Fairfield Michael Burch 801-766-3509 **?

Genola Lonny Ward 801-754-5300

Goshen Fred Jensen 801-667-9910 **?

Highland Mark Thompson 801-772-4505

Lehi Bert Wilson 385-201-2269

Lindon Jeff Acerson 801-785-5043

Mapleton Brian Wall 801-489-5655 **?

Orem Richard Brunst 801-319-4603

Payson Rick Moore 801-465-5209

Pleasant Grove Mike Daniels 801-785-5045

Provo John Curtis 801-852-6105

Salem Randy Brailsford 801-423-2770

Santaquin Kirk Hunsaker 801-754-3211

Saratoga Springs Jim Miller 801-766-9793

Spanish Fork Steve Leifson 801-804-4500

Springville Wilford Clyde 801-489-2700

Vineyard Randy Farnsworth 801-226-1929

Woodland Hills Steve Lauritzen 801-423-1962


Governor Gary Herbert 1-800-705-2464

UDOT 801-965-4000



Uintah-Wasatch-Cache National Forest 857 W. South Jordon Parkway SJ,UT 84095



Pleasant Grove Ranger District 390 N 100 E Pl. Grove, 84062



Timpanogos Cave National Monument RR1 Am Fork



Division of Wildlife Resources



Wasatch Mountain State Park




David E Lifferth-Eagle Mountain 801-358-9124

Jacob L. Anderegg-Lehi 801-901-3580

Keven J Stratton-Oren 801-836-6010

Kay J. Christofferson-Lehi 801-592-5709

Brian M. Greene-Pleasant Grove 801-889-5693

Val L. Peterson-Orem 801-224-4473

Bradley M. Daw-Orem 801-850-3608

Keith Grover-Provo 801-319-0170

Dean Sanpei-Provo 801-979-5711

Norman K. Thurston-Provo 385-399-9658

Francis D. Gibson-Mapleton 801-491-3763

Mike K. McKell-Spanish Fork 801-210-1495

Marc K. Roberts-Santaquin 801-210-0155


Deidre M. Henderson-Spanish Fork 801-787-6197

Mark B. Madsen-Saratoga Springs 801-360-9389

Howard A. Stephenson-Draper 801-972-8814

Alvin B. Jackson-Highland 801-899-5447

Margaret Dayton-Orem 801-221-0623

Curtis Bramble-Provo 801-361-5802


Orin Hatch 202-224-5251 DC 104 HOB Washington DC 20510


Mike Lee 202-224-5444 DC 316 Hart SOB Washington DC 20510


Jason Chaffetz 202-225-7751 2464 Rayburn HOB Washington DC 20515

Mia Love 202-225-3011 2211 Rayburn HOB Washington DC 20515