Snowbird- How much land do they own in American Fork Canyon?

We are still trying to get the county to produce a land ownership map, they have been asked for that for nearly 10 months. Here is what we believe to be true.

This was sent into our group. Thank you – whoever did this research.

Ian Cumming – Snowbird’s Owner (big master mind),

The AF Canyon ski lifts will only add 1/4% profit to Snowbird, but take 100% of the Canyon in from us forever.

Please place the greater good over greater profits and expanded spread sheets.

Looks like you paid as little as $300 per acre and Snowbird’s total land cost for 1,000+ acres is $500,000.

Adding ski lifts into AF Canyon to drive demand for million dollar lots, 10,000 square feet Mc Manson Homes, and Ski Village. Viola you make hundreds of more millions.

It’s a great land play, dude. A lot of the land bought in 2014 after the “transportation” trip to Europe. What may be good business for you is not good for us.

You want to sell million dollar lots in AF Canyon on your $300 per acre land. $300 goes to $1 million is a really a good deal for you and bad deal for us.

The County does not have to grant the special use permit if it deems it not in the public interest.

It’s not an existing private property right or you would not need be begging for a permit, or wasting you time with politicians who you really don’t care to associate with.

Public Land Records show a lot of Snowbird’s land was purchased after the 2013 private jet trip to Europe with Larry Ellertson and wife, Gary Andersen and wife, Ralph Becker and wife, Ben McAdams and wife.

How much of the 150 Mine Claims below did you buy after the 2013?

Snowbird L.T.D. and or Snowbird Summits L.T.D. and or Snowbird Resort
LLC partial AF Canyon holdings

Miller Hill LLC
3165 East Millrock Dr. #150
Holliday, Utah 84121

Dutchman Coalition Mining Co.
c/o Snowbird L.T.D.
P.O. Box 929000
Snowbird, Utah 84092

Snowbird L.T.D.
P.O. Box 929000
Snowbird, Utah 84092-9000

Wasatch Mines Co.
c/o Snowbird L.T.D.
P.O. Box 929000
Snowbird, Utah 84092-9000

Missouri 82
Dry Burgh # 3 6044
Dry Burgh # 4 6044
Dry Burgh Fraction 6044
Dry Burgh #2 Fraction 6044
Dry Burgh # 5 6044
Japan # 1 6044
Japan # 2 6044
Japan # 3 6044
Hamilton 6044
Hamilton # 1 6044
Tom Boy 6044
Anna 6044
Sadie 6044
Rolla 6044
Smuggler 6044
Dry Burgh # 2 5834
Niagara 5838
Big Emma 5834
Big Emma Fracti on 5834
Live Yankee
1st w. ext. ofJive Yankee 55
Mary Ellen
Plume 94
Echo 95
Silver Wave Ext.
Quartz ite Ext.
Horseshoe 7036
Horseshoe # 1
Horseshoe #2
Horseshoe #3
Horseshoe #4
Mineral Springs
Glasier 7036
Osborn 6521
Osborn #2
Osborn #4
War Eagle “8”
Pittsburg #2
Pittsburg #3
Pittsburg #4
Pittsburg #5
Globe # I
Globe # 2
Globe # 3
Globe # 4
Globe # 5
Globe # 6
Globe # 7
Globe # 8
Blue Rock # 9
Fraction 6472
Blue Rock # 3
Blue Rock # 4
Blue Rock # 2
Blue Rock (Amended)
Blue Rock # I 6 139
Blue Rock # 6 6 139
Silver Bell Mill site
Red Cloud Mill site
Lady Annie 63A
Vivan 5863
Texas Ranger
Texas 5965
Texan 557 1
Emma 5614
Lone Star
Lady Annie Millsite

The Surface (non -mineral) estates to the following patented mining claims

Claim Name
Alice Mine
American # 1
American #2
Canyon Mine #2
Canyon Mine #3
Canyon Mine #4
Cut Off
Homestake Lode
Hot Stuff
Hot Stuff #2
Last Chance
Last Chance # 1
Last Chance #2
Lucky Deal
Mountain Belle
New Idea
Scotch Lad
Scotch Lassie
Scotchman # I
Scotchman #2
Scotchman #4
Excelsior Lode
Excelsior Millsite

Miller Hill
Excelsior 64A
Excelsior Minesite
Homestake (minerals)
Hot Stuff (minerals)
Hot Stuff #2 (minerals)
New Idea (minerals)
Mountain Belle (minerals)
Rover (minerals)
Aspen (minerals)
Keystone (minerals)
Cut Off (minerals)
Canyon Mine #2 (mineral s)
Canyon Mine #4 (mineral s)
Canyon Mine (minerals)
Ridge (minerals)
Canyon Mine #3 (minerals)
Last Chance #1 (minerals)
American # 1 (minerals)
American #2 (minerals)
Last Chance (mineral s)
Last Chance #2
Scottish Lassie (mineral s)
Scotchman (minerals)
Scotch Lad (minerals)
Scotchman #2 (minerals)
Alice Mine (minerals)

8-Access Concerns Master
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2- Private land, road, tailings 1- Private land no roads 3- Draing Plug