Fox Hollow – BRoll for Press to Broadcast

These media files are here for all forms of Broadcast to be used freely.

Please watermark “Footage Courtesy Protect and Preserve American Fork Canyon”

Please email news package links to

Contact Mark Allen 801 787 8025 for other specific requests

85% of visitation from outside of locals

Utah County Commissioner- Bill Lee – I am concerned we are in the dark

Utah County Commissione Bill Lee

Fox Hollow and Gondola Study

Animated Map- Bob Bonar

Please Postpone the Vote for Utah County to be involved. Bob Bonar.. No.

Second request to postpone the vote. Bob Bonar Snowbird… No.

Bob Bonar suggests we get involved, but won’t give Utah County a voice before the July 13th vote.

Snowbird forgets they are the minority in the Canyon


Why is this a good idea?

Willie, we can ski, hike, bike for free, Why is this a Good Idea Snowbird?

Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee