Mary Ellen Gulch- EPA Preliminary Assessment of Upstream Hazards to public health, safety and welfare.

Preliminary Assessment- What is it?

American Fork Preliminary Assessment Announced

Nov 15th 2016

State of Utah Legislative Hearing – Gold King Mine Release- Utah’s Response and Implications for Our Waters- think of the parallels to Tibble Fork Disaster and downstream users who should be made whole.

Listen at 1:15:00 – Relevant to Tibble Fork Disaster / Gold King Mine disaster

State of Utah DWQ against EPA re: gold King Mine spill. DWQ suggesting that there has been a history of decades of pollutions coming from mines and affecting downstream users. DWQ suggesting EPA must pay to make Utah whole. Compare this to the problems in Tibble Fork and those downstream that have lead, arsenic via secondary water systems. The parallels are too similar to ignore. (Mr. Wade Faraway, Asst. Attorney General, Utah Office of Attorney General)