Snowbird Research

2014 STC Asmt Roll METALLIFEROUS – UTAH  [index of taxed entities]

2015 STC Asmt Roll METALLIFEROUS – UTAH [index of taxed entities]

I anticipate we don’t have a full picture yet, but this is the starting point. One can search by Snowbirds PO box and find the other names they are using, Miller Hill LLC, Snowwbird LTD, Wasatch Mines, Dutchman Coalition. These are all likely patented mining claims, but other surface / mineral claims could exist.

Taxed Snowbird Patented Claims? zip file

Other Snowbird research zip file

Here you will find documents we are using to research land and water holdings for Snowbird.

Land Ownership
Names. Dick Bass, Snowbird, Snowbird LTD, Snowbird Summits and probably others…
Water Rights that we have seen-perhaps there are more under other names as well.
55-12601, 55-11921, 55-11887, 55-12343- there might be others