No to SLC Mayor Becker’s AF Canyon land grab and Federalizing Utah’s canyons and water

Dear Utah Commissioners,

SLC Mayor Becker used State and UTA funds under the guise of
“transportation” to go back to DC and promote the Federalizing of Utah’s Canyons and water.Inline image 3
We can have a County Wasatch Monument instead of a National Wasatch Monument for local control.  Same deal with County control. Mayor Becker  and Mayor Ben McAdams are gifted politicians.  Most likely smarter than you or I.
A Wasatch National Monument from Murray to Lindon Federalizes Utah’s canyons and water.
Mayor Becker excludes his own city while including others in the National Monument.
A National Monument will destroy private property land values from Murray to Lindon, will create  ski resort cartel inside the monument pushing local residents out of their canyons,  and will add an extra layer of Federal control of our local canyons.
Do you support that?
SLCO has pushed Snowbird ski expansion out of Little Cottonwood Canyon and into AF Canyon.
I think Larry Ellertson is conflicted out on this one due to his UTA relationship with UTA Mike Alegara, and donations from Snowbird.  Depending on the AF Canyon votes, a Commissioner Recall Petition will activated.   This is just nonsense.  Billionaires and the 1% taking recreation from he 99% using political manipulation is not a Utah County ethic anyone should support.
Do you support Mayor Becker’s AF Canyon land grab and Federalizing of Utah’s land and water?
Do you support Mayor Becker’s relocating Snowbird’s expansion our of his canyons and into AF Canyon?
Or do you support the 2010 Wastach Canyon Tomorrow’s recommendations signed by Mayor Becker which would enable no development in AF Canyon forever?  Mayor Becker signed but won’t support WCT recommendations.
What is your SOLUTION to push Snowbird’s expansion back into SLCO where Snowbird has entitlements for 1,800 more houses in Little Cottonwood  Canyon?
Snowbird wanted 6,000 houses ($2+ Billion) in Little Cottonwood Canyon, but was reduced to 3,000 ($1+ Billion).  Of the 3,000 housing entitlement, 1,800 are still unused
Alta, Solitude, Brighton are all expanding ski area and houses in the canyons under Mayor Becker who sues a 75 year old woman to dispute her existing water connection in Cecret Lake Subdivision for a 1/2 lot in Alta, Utah.
SLC grants water for 3,600 houses in Little Cottonwood Canyon, yet sues and obstructs for 10 years  a 75 year old lady to cut her existing cbin water connection stopping her from using $3 worth of water.
Is this open, transparent, and collaborative Pubic Service, or just nonsense.  Mountain Accord could have unified canyon users and owners. Instead SLC choose to create Mountain Discord, choose cancel the Mountain Accord Private Property Committee, and chose to chronically sue private canyon owners.
Let’s help Snowbird succeed with more appropriate expansion in SLCO Canyons where they own land and have ski resort infrastructure in place.
Mayor Ben McAdams chose to pass regulations to push Snowbird out of Salt Lake County and into Utah County.  Now he proposes to gift AF Canyon to Snowbird to protect SLCO canyons.
If Ben McAdams wants to be Governor, poking 700,000 Utah County residents in the eye is short sighted.
The cash registers for the AF Snowbird expansion are in SLCO county.  UTCO gets the impact.  SLCO gets the cash.  Ralph and Ben are gifted politicians.
Again, what is your solution to retire all the Private Property out of AF Canyon including Snowbird’s current non-buildable lands?
Perhaps a County Wastach Monument in AF Canyon is workable.  There are little or no build able areas now.
Thank you for your consideration,
Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon land owner

Mountain Discord or AF Canyon Perpetual Preservation Solution