Federalizing Utah’s Canyons and Water – Becker-Obama Dream – AF Canyon Gift Away

A proposed solution from a FB guest writing:


Federalizing Utah’s Canyons and Water – Becker-Obama Dream – AF Canyon unnamedGift Away

Mountain Accord (Becker’s Bus)

  • Utah County net loss of 415 Public Land acres
  • Salt Lake County net gain of 1,017 Public Land acre
  • Creates Wasatch National Monument – Hyper Federalizes Utah from Millcreek to Lindon

SLCM Becker’s NIMBY (Not in my back yard) is selfish, divisive, and hypocritical. SLC controls all the water to Solitude, Brighton, Alta, and Snowbird.

SLC gave enough water to Snowbird for 3,000 houses. Snowbird wanted water for 6,000 houses. To date, Snowbird has used 1,200 water connections leaving a surplus of 1,800 for expansion.

Becker-McAdams don’t want that expansion in their canyons, so they are giving Snowbird 416 acres in AF Canyon to Snowbird via “Mountain Accord” a non-legal entity.

Becker-McAdams then seek to take 25,000 acres of private property in Salt Lake County laying a Federal National Monument over this private land already confiscated and devalued Salt Lake County Foothill Canyon Overlay Zone (FCOZ) regulations.

SLC using its $3.7 Billion unregulated “Public Utility” to hoard 500,000 acre-feet of water, and hoard 25,000 acres of canyon land outside SLC corporate boundaries now wants to Federalize private property from Millcreek to Lindon. The hypocrisy is Becker won’t put conservation easements on SLC’s 25,000 canyon acres.

Becker (D) sought to Federalize Utah’s water with SB35, now wants to hyper Federalize the local lands from Millcreek to Lindon.

“It’s once in a life time,” says Becker. Yes, it will be. Local control of our land will be lost forever.

If you like Eastern control of Western land and water, then climb on the Becker-McAdams Obama Mountain Accord bus.


Reverse the Deal.

  • Utah County (the 99%) makes the trade with Forest Service for the 416 acres of AF Canyon
  • Utah makes a State Park instead of a National Monument if a park is made
  • Use SLC land grabbing tactics against SLC – cut road, water, power, sewer access to Snowbird’s AF Canyon land just like SLC did to the private land owners in SLCO canyons. Lehi Irrigation Company controlled by Lehi City and Highland City control Lehi Irrigation. Withdraw Snwobird Lehi water permits. Of course, Becker’s water lawyers represent Lehi Irrigation, but that’s can be worked through.

Govenor Herbert, Please don’t let lobbyists use Prison relocation tactics on Utah County residents.

Please call a Public Meeting in American Fork, and have your monthly Governor Office guests Ralph Becker and Ben McAdams come and take questions from AF Citizens for 2 hours.