Feb 7th 2013 Board of Adjustments meeting– Snowbird- Board Member Greg Graves

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Commissioner Graves, Bryce Armstrong, Marty Banks- uses they propose do not include a structure, one warming hut, nature of use is mostly utilizing trails, terrain. No Ski Lifts on the Utah County side.

Changes made by County Commissioners 3-47- accessory ski lifts – H- included new wording. Standards- change from abuts land with existing resort to … that of zoning lot or lots, one of which abuts existing resort—provided if there is intervening lands-shall have authorized connection by public access… (in other words- public lands can be used as a bridge to all their resort lands.) The word change was approved by Commissioner Ellertson, Witney, Andersen.  Note: 6 months later August 23rd – 31st, these commissioners went on a mostly free trip to Switzerland with their wives- nice reward for giving Snowbird the green light. http://americanforkcanyon.com/grama-request/1-f-private-jets-apparently-paid-for-by-snowbird-ian-cummings-for-elected-officials/

BOA 2014-09-04

Planning Commission 7-19-11 audio


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Planning Commission Dec 18th 2012

****Board of Adjustments Feb 7th 2013 * No ski lifts on the Utah County side, using trails and terrain-Marty Banks- Snowbird***** 19 minutes in

Board of Adjustments September 4th 2014