#20 GRAMA- County Christmas Party list of attendees / email address request of county employees

First GRAMA, we were told no list existed of those who attended the Christmas party where its alleged Commissioner Graves passed out Snowbird tickets.

Second GRAMA, we were told that the first GRAMA had been responsive (nothing received)

Third GRAMA to Commissioner Bill Lee and County Auditor both produced a copy of the Christmas Invitation they received.

Fourth GRAMA to Commissioner Graves- denied

Fifth GRAMA to Commissioner Ellertson and his secretary and Commissioner Graves secretary produced this response.

“Please see the attached file which is responsive to your records request: “Lisa Nielson – Commissioner Graves Assistant  –  Christmas attendance list of county employees. Provide the email that was sent out to invite all employees to the county Christmas party. Including the email addresses of who was invited. Provide a list of all 800+ who attended. Its our understanding that a record was made of all who attended. Provide a copy / list of all county employees who attended the County Christmas party and the email that was sent out inviting all county employees to the Christmas party by Lisa Nielsen. Provide a copy of the Punchbowl Invitation used to invite participation. Provide a copy of the check list of those who attended”
I am providing the written response that I entered through the portal, just in case it does not all go through the portal:
Please see a copy of the invitation and also the attached list. The attached list appears to be an RSVP list so it should include all invitees (and whether they had entered an RSVP or not). This list is not definitive as to who was actually present at the employee appreciation event (some may have entered an RSVP and then not attended, for example). Nearly all of the names in the list were in the form of the county employee electronic user name which is private information under Utah Code 63G-2-302(2)(a) and 63G-2-302(2)(d). So the list was redacted to prevent the release of private information leaving the list in first name format.
The County does not have a list of who actually attended the event, any check-in list was likely discarded. A check in list would not have had any use to the County shortly after it was created so it being discarded would be in-line with the retention policy.
Individual County employee email addresses are private information under Utah Code 63G-2-302(2)(a) and 63G-2-302(2)(d) and are not provided in response to this request.”

All in all… Some at the county have not been responsive in honest and transparent manner.

Invite and Guest List for County Christmas Party… redacted heavily

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