#10 Travel Costs for Elected Officials- Receipts Please

There should be costs associated with each of these

Financial detail requested for the following: August 23-31st 2013 Est. Quantity Cost
August 23rd
1-Flight from SLC to Halifax- Carrier and Cost Cost?
2- Coast Atlantic Transportation- Ground Transfer Cost Cost?
3- Halifax Marriott Harbourfront- Room Cost (9 rooms Ann Borgione, 2 rooms Natalie Nicholson) 189 11 $2,079.00
4- Dinner Cost?
August 24th
5- Coast Atlantic Transportation- Ground Transfer Cost Cost?
6- Flight from Halifax to Zurich Cost?
7- Lodging: Movenpick Hotel 13 rooms 188 13 $2,444.00
8-Dinner Cost?
August 25th
9-Flight to Murren Cost?
10- Hotel Eiger 15 rooms 184 15 $2,760.00
11-Dinner Hotel Eiger Cost?
August 26th
12- Breakfast Eiger Hotel Cost?
13- Train to Jungfraujoch- Tour with UTA Group and Stadler Limited Cost?
14- Dinner Cost?
15- Hotel Jungfraublick- Wengen Switzerland 16 rooms 150 16 $2,400.00
August 27th
16- Breakfast Hotel Jungfraublick- Wengen Switzerland Cost?
17-Drive to Lucerne Cost?
18- Hotel Postillon, Buocks 16 rooms 140 16 $2,240.00
19- Dinner Hotel Postillon Cost?
August 28th
20- Breakfast at Hotel Postillon Cost?
21- Tour of Cabrio, Stanserhorn-Dollelmayr/Garventa (private / public partnership) Cost?
22- Hotel Krone in Dorbirn 16 rooms- Scott Pierpont Cost?
23- Group Dinner Cost?
August 29th
24- Breakfast Hotel Postillon Cost?
25-Lunch in Egge- Adler Restaurant Cost?
26- Site Visit Funifor, Bezau (private / public partnership) Cost?
27- Drive to Garmish- Partenkirchen (Car rental costs?) Cost?
28- Grand Hotel Sonnenbichi, Burgtrasse 97 (16 double rooms) Cost?
29- Dinner Grand Hotel Cost?
August 30th
30-Breakfast Grand Hotel Cost?
31-Site Visit Zugspitz (Car rental?) Cost?
32- Hotel Movenpick, Zurich Airport 16 double rooms Cost?
33- Dinner Cost?
August 31st
34-Breakfast Hotel Movenpick Cost?
35- Shuttle to Airport Cost?
36- Flight to Narsarsuag, Greenland (Carrier, Cost) Cost?
37- Narsarsuag Greenland to SLC Cost?