Motorized explorers- UTAH ATV Association

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 11.28.11 AMTo Whom it May Concern,

My name is Steven Hawkins and I am president of the Utah ATV Association. We are in support of Protect and Preserve American Fork Canyon. We do not support the Mountain Accords plan to swap approximately 416 acres of Forest Service land in American Fork Canyon to Snowbird Ski resort for properties that they have in their holdings. American Fork Canyon is the only major canyon along the Wasatch Front that is non- commercialized, and it needs to stay that way. This current plan will only benefit Snowbird and no one else. We will not support any plan that will restrict public access, whether motorized or non- motorized. This canyon belongs to the people of the State of Utah and to the residents of Utah County. It does not belong to the politicians or other special interest groups who are in support of the Mountain Accord. The lack of public input on this is in violation law of law and is unethical to say the least. We ask that you remove American Fork Canyon from any discussion involving the Mountain Accord, and Snowbird Ski Resort.

Respectfully Yours,

Steven Hawkins

Utah ATV Association, President