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Who Are We?

324140001612-1BCHA are men and women who belong to a national non-profit organization. We are a 501(c)(3) serving 174 local and state chapters across the country. Our grassroots members—responsible leaders who help to carry forward our organization’s mission and values—lead BCHA organizations throughout the United States. BCHA chapters are active in 27 states consisting of roughly 13,000 members who are dedicated to keeping trails open for all on our public lands. Our chapters work closely with trail partners and local land management agencies to clear and maintain those trails.

What Does BCHA Do?

In 2012, Back Country Horsemen of America volunteers spent 372,000 hours working to maintain trails on public lands.  That equates to a value of $12.5 million dollars in trail work donated to local and federal land managing agencies. Since 1995, BCHA members contributed a value equal to $86.66 million in volunteer hours.

We invest in active participation by young leaders in the wise and sustainable use of wilderness and back country resources. We coordinate with conservation corps and youth groups, United States Forest Service, National Park Service, and Bureau of Land Management to ensuretomorrow’s leaders have outdoor and wilderness experiences. As youth groups work with us and our partners, they learn about themselves and about stewardship of our most treasured resources. BCHA, its youth partners, and other volunteers leverage funds many times over in delivering projects to clear and maintain trails.

Are you a hiker, biker, or horseback rider who gets out and enjoys trails? We do much of the work that goes unseen to clear and preserve the safety and continued enjoyment of your outdoor experience. Yup, much of our work does involve “horsepower” as well as human power. The majority of our pack trips with horses and mules assist trail crews get food, camping gear, and trail maintenance equipment into areas where four-wheeled vehicles cannot go. We help two-footed trail workers get more done by packing in what they need.

Kathy Gagon, President

Hi-Line & Hobbles Janet Williams or Bob and Kathy Gagon

Web site for the national organization: explains the purpose of the Back Country Horsemen. is the web site for the Utah Back Country Horsemen.  At that website there is a link to the Hi-Line & Hobbles