Mountain Accord vs Mountain Discord


There have been several years of negotiations between interested parties dealing with 7 of the 8 Central Wasatch Ski resorts attempting to find healthy methods of land use now and into the future. During these non-binding negotiations these groups have attempted to reach accord, hence the name Mountain Accord. It seems that they nearly accomplished this, until land in Mineral Basin was added to negotiations late in the process, now, we believe we are seeing Mountain Discord, certainly there is discord from those in Utah County who are aware of this, but 99% of Utah County residents seem to still be in the dark. Matt Primono’s blog [ Click to read Mountain Accord turned to Mountain Discord ] can help those of us to the south to understand quickly the belabored processes which have cost est. $3.2M and several years of negotiations in Salt Lake and Park City.

There has been in our opinion a presumptious representation that there is accord in Utah County, by way of the AFCVision process merely using names of cities, community logos, resort logos etc. We ask for those elected officials to step forward who believe that a Gondola, Tram, associated infrastructure, condos, transportation elements are needed in American Fork Canyon. We have not yet found anyone who will go public with their vision yet, but there has been a lot of buzz and many rumors flying.

So, who are the elected officials that believe we have accord in Utah County?
Who are the elected officials who are even aware of the Mountain Accord processes that have spilled over into Utah County?
Where are the public workshops where AFCVision, Save Our Canyons, Mountain Accord, Sundance, UTA, civic leaders and citizens will come together?