unnamed-2My first experience in American Fork Canyon happened on a cold winter evening when I was 6 years old. My father thought it a great idea to take all 7 kids camping in a 4 man tent.  We played in the wet snow near the creek all night, then jumped into our bags. In the morning all our jean pants were stiff as a board so dad had to carry us all back into the car.

I’m a graduate of BYU with a BFA degree. I’v been a professional nature/landscape photographer for over 28 years. I have published two books, one titled “Timpanogos” and the other, “Utah, Mountains to Deserts” I have a Gallery in Park City Utah where I showcase my work.   My goal is to show the beauties of the natural earth, to inspire, to protect, and to promote.

Growing up in the shadows of Timpanogos have given me close proximity to the alpine loop and American Fork Canyon. This is where my love for the Wasatch wilderness begun. This is where I gained my inspiration for photography. This is where I go to find peace and solitude. I own skis, road and Mtn bikes, 4 wheelers, hiking boots, and a camera. I believe wilderness should be just that, wild and free.  Free meaning open access to the public, wild meaning void of infrastructue and commercialism.  Forest lands are to be enjoyed responsibly by the public. While tourism is important, serving the local population should be first priority. I hope I cross paths with you sometime high on a ridge line in American Fork Canyon, a wild sacurary for outdoor recreationist like myself.