Jeff J.

11279988_10203987982169392_236136955_nIm Jeff Johnson.  I have lived in Utah County for the past 30 years. I am a practicing physician, a lover of the outdoors, and over the past 17 years I have become a nature photographer.  I have always enjoyed outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing and skiing and have tried to take pictures of the beauty that I experienced.  I continue to learn more all the time, and I do feel that my photographs finally allow me to share the beauty and the feelings that I experience in the outdoors.

I first camped in American Fork Canyon in the early 1970s with my wife in the back of our hatchback car.  The sound of the nearby rushing river is a fond memory that I can experience over and over again when I go up the canyon.  I want to help ensure many others can have that same experience.

As a nature photographer I feel the need to not only share what I experience, but to show others how precious our outdoor spaces are and how precarious their future is.  I want my grandchildren and their and your grandchildren to be able to enjoy the wild and precious places that are becoming fewer and fewer.  Join me in that effort.

– Jeff